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петък, 24 март 2017 г.


This is one of those projects that you start, without thinking about what's going to come out of it and even put  aside for a while, but then the right moment comes and all the pieces come together at once, like a puzzle. I came across 'Crafting by Designs' Challenge -'Thinking of you' and already knew what the final piece of this puzzle would be. And this is the result. I was not sure at first if I liked it or not but as I looked at it  from a distance, I saw much more,  then took the pictures and I thought-I would be very happy if other people can see what I see in this project- a nostalgic feeling that gives you comfort and brings you nothing but good memories. I wanted to share this feeling with you.

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DT-Little Blue Button Digital Stamps

DT-Little Blue Button Digital Stamps
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