Unforgettable Fairytales

Този проект е плод на дълго умуване, с идеята да е наистина приказно и различно, който е осъществен благодарение на вдъхновяващите дигитални печати на Dr. Digi, от които си избрах този симпатяга- Шапкаря от 'Алиса в страната на чудесата'.

Thanks to the TTCRD Challenge Blog, I had the opportunity to use this amazing image from Dr. Digi, which I loved the minute I saw it.
I truly hope you will all enjoy this creation of mine, in which I put all of my imagination and love and had great time  working on it.

P.S. You'll be able to learn more about it soon, in case you're interested in the making process:)

Challenge 35-Anything Goes

I'm not sure if being 'mad' (in a good way) is considered as having some kind of superpowers, but sometimes I feel like I do-being able to be myself, because I think you need to be a little crazy to be creative and positive about life.:)


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