Inspiration can come to you at the most unexpected moments.
I've always loved drawing, but having lots of things in mind for making, gets you lost in the way, sometimes, not knowing where to start from. So when I bought my alcohol markers and started coloring digital stamps my appetite for drawing came back and started to grow. I felt like I needed to do something on my own, and I had that idea for a long time, but couldn't seem to find inspiration. As I look back in time, I realize, that one of my biggest inspirations lately has been my niece. My first one 'Forest Fairy came from fairy tales, when I read some bedtime stories to her. Then 'Magical Forest' happened, after we played together outside in the garden when we were at my village. Recently, her endless imagination laid the foundations of my drawing with some shading 'Dream Girl' . And just these days(to be exact-for almost a week) on the white pages was born Álice', inspired by a photo of my niece, on the couch at home, with one of my tiaras and a T-shirt, that no longer fits me(she loved it and wanted to put it on:)).
So now that I got the ball rolling stay in touch for more and more to come out and maybe one day you'll want to add some more colors to my world by coloring my inspirations:)

Happy Crafting, Everyone!
And don't forget to never stop dreaming!

P.S. A Dreamer



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